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I am unable to sufficiently describe my outrage and disappointment at the barbaric beating and serious injury of journalists Nehemiah Okwemba of NTV and Reuben Ogacha of Citizen TV.

The two cameramen were on Saturday out on lawful assignment at Bombi near the Agricultural Development Cooperation ADC farm in Galana Kulalu Ranch Tana River County when they were attacked by armed GSU personnel. The journalists were on legitimate duty interviewing villagers whose livestock had allegedly been impounded by the same GSU officers ostensibly for trespass. Despite identifying themselves, the cameramen were brutally beaten and their equipment damaged.


The violence meted in the innocent journalists by the GSU was unwarranted, unacceptable and will not go unpunished. We will be pursuing all avenues to have the GSU involved in this incident held to account.

We appeal to the police leadership ranks to reorientate themselves and their file with the times and realize the primitive behavior exhibited by its GSU unit in Galana has no place in our increasingly civilized environment. Those 'officers' who committed this act have to be let out of the police service and their thuggish conduct duly and lawfully punished.

I welcome the condemnation (on social media) of the incident by the ICT Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and urge him to change the increasingly intense anti-media tone in government which may well have informed the attitudes displayed by the GSU in Galana and before that the teams deployed to Garissa during the aftermath of the terror attack. We are watching these hostile tendencies carefully and will continue speaking out boldly against it.

I wish to thank the Kenya Red Cross for assisting the injured journalists with first aid and evacuation to hospital. I wish my two colleagues quick recovery.

Linus Kaikai
Chairman, Kenya Editors Guild

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