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Breakfast meeting between Editors and MKenya Daima Steering Team - 5th April 2016

The Private Sector , though KEPSA, has been spearheading the Mkenya Daima Campiagn since year 2012. The Campaign , whose overall objective was to ensure peaceful election and a better Kenya for all, was successfully implemented in three phases in 2012 and 2013.

KEPSA / Mkenya Daima Campaign team met the Kenya Editors Guild Officals and other media practitioners to share Mkenya Daima's approaches. Read MKenya Daima EDR Stakeholder Forum Presentation HERE.

Presentation by Linus Kaikai (Chairman KEG)
We as the Media are looking forward to the path of this conversation to facilitate a conversation about our National Values , a conversation about Mkenya Daima , a conversation about getting things right .
Pitfalls that we must be aware of
Not long ago there was a campaign called “najivunia kuwa mkenya “branded with our National colours of the National Flag .Something was not working about it. It was not connecting with the people .There are things we reject outside not because they are bad, but because we do not feel involved. Mkenya Daima must avoid that. I was happy to hear the use of the word inclusive from Vimal not once but repeatedly
The Njiru’s Campaign, Ungwana, noble as it is, why is it to this day, something that is going on the sidelines and not the mainstream of society yet the conversation he is pushing is about things that happen every day. Mkenya Daima should look at what did not work with the Ungwana Campaign and improve on it.
There is also something about our society. Karengata Association was very effective, efficient and protective of their space because they are big on ownership. Every member of that association very proud to be a member of that association and everyone knows exactly what it stands for and they know when to defend it. Mkenya Daima should go big onto ownership. Have champions within KEPSA and outside KEPSA.
In the Spirit of Inclusiveness reach out to opportunities that can be used as vehicles to carry the campaign. I think The National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA), if it is captured early before it becomes part of the government culture, it can be a big change agent, For the first time in a long time, Easter passed without major incidents of road accidents, and is because of its visibility with their green Vehicles and staff. Mkenya Daima needs to pass these messages of values.
This campaign must be very big on the small things - Dumping of garbage on the roadside – this is our culture. When no one is watching , we do terrible things.
This campaign must try and bring on board community organizations, estate teams only that way can we achieve otherwise without them there will be a disconnect of this breakfast and what ought to happen in our residence
As the Media, We wish you the best. Let us give you the voice, allow us to give you the opportunity and platforms to express your messages in the loudest and clearest manner possible.
We look forward to a very good engagement.

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