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About Us

The Kenya Editors Guild is a not for profit professional organisation that brings together the most senior print, magazine, broadcast and other electronic media editors and this association commits themselves to a programme of action to defend and promote media freedom and independence.

The objective of the Guild is:

  • To promote standards of journalism, the independence of media and to advice members on issues of practical and ethical concern.
  • To represent members' interests in all matters of editorial and professional concern and interest.
  • To monitor legislation on matters affecting the news media either directly or indirectly and to make appropriate representations to Parliament, regional assemblies and other organisations and authorities at all levels of government and public life.
  • To interpret legislation and advisory notices to members and other organisations.
  • To provide a forum for discussing of the practical problems of editorship and to promote the objectives of the Guild.
  • To network with other professional organisations.
  • To help improve the quality of journalism through active support of education and training,
  • To represent Kenya's senior journalists regionally and internationally of education and training,
  • To represent Kenya's senior journalists regionally and internationally.
  • To recognise and reward editorial excellence


Membership is opened to any person in Kenya who is a senior editorial executive in the print and electronic media, Including Newspapers, magazines, regional publications, radio, and televesion, on-line news media, community media and to peoople of similar status in media education. A " senior editorial executive" shall be defined as a journalist with executive or managerial responsibilities. Besides Editors, nominations can be drawn from Deputy Editors, Assistant Editors, Sports Editors, News Editors, and other executives at that level.

Members shall be at the discretion of the Editors Council and shall be considered by the Editors' Council after consultation with the Regional Convenor and the Management Committee.


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