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Kenya Editors Guild Invited to KLA and Michigan State University breakfast meeting

What:            The implication to agricultural production as the Kenyan middle class become the leading owners of agricultural land–a new study.

Who:              Kenya Land Alliance and Michigan  State University to speak on the study

Where:          Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi

When:           Tuesday 28th October, 2014

Time:             7.30 am to 9.30 am


A recent study shows that Kenya’s middle class have emerged as the leading owners of agricultural land, surpassing the large scale farmers. Conducted by researchers from Michigan State University in collaboration with local organizations and individuals, the study found that Medium-scale farms (5 to 100 hectares) are growing rapidly in Africa and now control more land than large-scale foreign investors. The study was done in Kenya, Ghana, and Zambia.

The dilemma is some of the land owned by Kenya’s middle class farmers is not under cultivation, and is failing to contribute to agricultural productivity and food security. In some cases, this land is being held for speculative purposes. The researchers argue that Kenya might have to revisit its land policy to ensure maximum use of land and food security.

Other issues to be discussed include: How land allocation policies are affecting the farm size structure of agriculture in Africa.

The following speakers will shed more light on the matter:

Odenda Lumumba  - Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Land Alliance
Milu Muyanga         - Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Prof. Thomas S Jayne- Michigan State University


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